Getting back to flash

2017-02-05 05:20:19 by Van-pl

Oh buoy, it's been a long time since I touched actionscript 3, this sure brings back memories. I'm getting a hang of the FlashPunk library,it's pretty cool and full of useful utilities.

Finally, i got Wacom

2008-07-03 04:00:45 by Van-pl

It's so awesome it hurts. :P I bought my Wacom Intuos3 two days ago and i've been drawing and animating till now. I finally need some rest :P

Now i don't even imagine, how I could draw with my crappy mouse.

Well, I can start making REAL stuff now :)


2007-08-10 10:56:39 by Van-pl

Cuute... The whole ng design has changed, it was quite hard to find everything at first, but now I think It's better than previous one :)

Btw, i'm currently working on some kind of strategy/rpg, based on the anime universum. I'm going to delete existing crap, to not waste any ng resources.

See ya :)