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I'm sad beacuse of the enormous wasted potential in this movie.

I became fan of it since your first installment, "Delusions of Grandetur". But since then, you propably got lost in the snow with the concept. The plot of your film was painfully standard, shallow and turned to some random shit happening. You didn't really managed to recreate all that atmoshpere of melancholy and soliture from the first episode. All that was left was supposedly "thickening" plot and action.

I didn't liked that this guy and him being extremely naiive. The girl was smug and arrogant, but i pretty much disliked all that boasting about how the gravity suppresing gun is fucking awesome,OMG OMG I JUST CAME. Meh. Let the watchers develop their own opinion, don't force it into them.

So, summarizing, plot was pretty pointless, it lacked the cause-effect link. The acting was horrible, the voices were good, but totally unfitting to what we saw. All that running into window and other quick action scenes lacked the speed, and "kick", i didn't really felt those scenes.

Going to animation/gfx, i found this massive amount of 3D really fucking repulsive. I mean, srsly. Movements were choppy, the people sometimes looked more like a dolls, you really need to work on recreating emotions, lip synch and all that crap.
What hurt my eyes mostly was inconsistency of character drawings and overall lack of detail in scenes. One time they looked nice and stylishly posed, while in others they lacked anatomy very bad.
Backrounds really could use some polishing, buildings didn't have almost any details, and looked more like a bunch of boxes, it was especially painful on the close-ups.

But you had some virtues in your movie. The voice acting was pretty decent, the music was really awesome. Also, i bet your story is really good and could kick some balls, but so far you didn't really let us have a taste of it. You barely and vaguely introduced the watchers into the Outerverse and its creatures, but still it don't make any sense, more than "I don't know what the fuck is going on, but hell, as long as we're running it doesn't matter".

I'm pretty disappointed at this third installment of your series, but it doesn't mean i'm not curious and won't watch next ones. I really belive in you, that you can make it a great series, but you need to really work on it. I'm still looking forward into next one :)

good luck!


crystalpencil responds:

Thanks for the review! Based on what alot of people have said here, the story needs some revamping. I'll definitely take that into consideration for the next installment. As far as the 3d goes, this would not have been made if I had not gone in that direction. In all of my previous submissions the comments were about the lack of animation etc, so with the introduction of this method the majority agree it has improved a little bit. For now its back to the drawing board.


Nice to see that you've been hired as a professional animator and given the opportunity to make something serious.Traditional animation in Poland isn't so popular as a form of art, so its future is really up to young generation of artists, such as yourself.

I just wonder if you want to animate this whole thing in Flash..

Good luck on your work! Pozdro!


wow, I must say im impressed.

Story is great. It seems like a random everyday shit at first, but when you unwind the story it's greatly directed. The sence, hidden in between phrases is greatly and subtly presented. It's great that its actually a short serious story hitting hard, not some wussy emo bitching about world.

One more thing really worth noticing was your voice acting. It suited the movie suprisingly great. I could say you have another talent worth developing further.

The only flaw was the graphic side, character design and backgrounds could use serious polishing, the detailed car model on a vectorised bitmap of background looks awful. I bet that even the simple siholuettes of buildings could do the job better. Noir graphic should be a play of light and shadow, in your work however you use mainly diffrent shades of gray.

Well, i'm looking foward to see more of your works. Cheers!

MonkFlash responds:

Thanks alot,

Yeah I know there is much to improve.
I'm taking the feedback here,
and we will see what kind of interesting creations will arise in the future.

Glad you liked it

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oh the irony

the idea of mocking pseudo-intellectual indie games isn't quite new, but you took it into a whole new level.

I loved every single technical aspect of it, especially that with randomising controls, how you mocked the "rad" ideas of pissing off the player, who doesn't really want to be fucked in the ass by the game that's supposed to point out something to him. I loved the commentary while the rocked traveled back to earth; totally random quotes of tottaly random people.

But what i love the most is all that people getting trolled and don't getting the irony whatsoever, even raging at your flash.

good luck in the future ;)

Nice conversion

However it works very similiar to the cellphone wersion. Same sound problems, some lags also. In school/work it's great idea to play Doom online, but instead I prefer playing original one on PC (I own one).

It puzzles me, how did you worked out to combine .WAD files with flash :P

4/5 8/10
Kudos for you for great work.


Nice game, and propably one of the most complete games on the newgrounds yet.

Firstly, the graphics. They weren't bad, i see much of your effort in the backgrounds, and dynamicly resizing arenas to make them look nice. And they looked nice. As for traders, i liked the previous part, beacuse in this one you don't found more about them more than their portraits. Also, idea of putting so many shops of specified goods doesn't seemt too great. I know it's more realistic and all, but the hell it's uncomfortable. It would be better idea to make vendors, who trade all types of goods, but adressed to specified range of levels.

I found the characters unrealistic, the body disproportion to the head is waaay too much. I know it's supposed to be funny and all, but it didn't worked on me. By the way, your body is made of parts and sometimes you see holes between movieclips. The whole movement and rotation of the limbs and swords could be polished more, since you made a commercial game.

Sound is nice, i found it quite enjoyable and accurate. However you could add an option to adjust volume level. I liked the shop musics, and all.

Lastly, the gameplay. It's very interesting, i found myself sucked into it for straight 3 hours. Fights are funny and variety of wepons and skills make this game even better. Totally crazy idea was to put the guitars to fight! :D
I liked the posibilities of customizing your character.
The fight itself is good, i liked fatalities, the attacs and whole skills, which BTW reminded me of the WoW skills. I could put up many examples of how good and entertaining this game is.

8/10 4/5

PS. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but sometimes, when fighting i get 100% chance to hit in the whole fight. I suggest you to investigate it :P

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It's pretty fine, but rather generic, and it feels like it could use a little mastering. You have too many instruments on the middle sound spectrum, interfering with each other, you should consider reworking stuff like that in your fute projects.

Good luck, and keep training, bub :)

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Wow, I'm really digging into that character design. Also, the light and glass look really tasty!

Hey! This is a pretty pretty decent piece. However, there are few anatomy issues, that stick out, mostly around the face area. Her forhead is definetly too short, her right ear is too far, and with this the chin line came out weird. Also, the armpits seem at a wrong angle for such position of the arms. This body pose is quite difficult, so while I admire your effort, I suggest you to find a reference photo next time you draw tricky stuff, it is very helpful.

On the sidenote, while skin shading is pretty decent here, it would look far better if you had included some sub-surface scattering or used more vibrant color for shadow for the skin, because the darker shade of skin color simply looks bleak.

Don't get discouraged though, it's still a pretty good art. Good luck!

Tits completely dominated your composition

wow, she really have big breasts, but I must say I don't really like them, they are definetly too big for such a petite body. She should generally be wider in arms, and have a wider chest, unless you wanted her to be unnaturally thin.

What I like is colorplay and the face overall, the features, such as eyes, nose and lips are looking nice together. I only would do a background a slightly darker, just to emphasize the colors.

For a sketch It's quite not bad, but nothing more.

XPISigmaArt responds:

Preference dominated your review.

I agree on the background thing.

Duuuuude... Wait, what?

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